Whitetail Deer Rifle Hunts

Our rifle deer hunts are a five day hunt during the first two weeks of the November rifle season. This is during peak of the rut. We use a variety of techniques from stand hunting, calling and rattling, to organized drives. If the weather and conditions permit we love to track.

We use one of the largest areas of public and private land holdings for our deer hunts. Northern Minnesota is known for its large – bodied whitetails. It is not uncommon for our deer to dress out over 225lbs and some have even topped 280lbs. The racks match the large body style of our deer usually very thick with good mass.

This is not a game farm hunt but a true wilderness hunt. Some of these deer have never been hunted. By being a lifelong resident of the area I am able to use this local knowledge of the wilderness to locate and figure out big buck patterns and hangouts. I also spend a lot of time with boots on the ground and use game cameras in making my decisions of where and when to hunt different locations. My guides do not hunt while they are guiding and spend their time while you´re hunting checking out other areas so we can keep you in the most active ones. Depending on the location we use groundblinds, portable stands and ladder stands for our hunters. These will be in place before the hunt starts.

The cost for 2015 is $850.00 per hunter and lodging is separate. I have motels that give my hunters a great room rate. At the end of the day of hunting we have dinner at my house and talk over the day events and plan the next days hunt.

In 2015 the hunt weeks are Nov 7th–15th and Nov 21th–29th. If you have any questions let me know and I´ll work with you in setting up your hunt.

Whitetail Deer Muzzleloader Hunts

This is a late season hunt that takes place as the deer migrate from the wilderness to the wintering grounds in the mountains along Lake Superior. The weather is colder and there is usually snow on the ground. Some of our biggest bucks have been taken at this time. I am offering a 3 day hunt for $500.00 and a 5 day hunt for $750.00. The tag can be purchased over the counter. The dates for this hunt are Nov. 28th – Dec. 13th.

Whitetail Deer Archery Hunts

This hunt starts Sept. 19th and ends Dec. 31st. It is a either sex hunt and the tags are available over the counter. This hunt is semi guided: 3 day hunt $450.00 and 5 day hunt $650.00.

Bear / Deer Combination Hunts

This is a any weapon hunt for bear and an archery hut for deer. The bear tag is issued through a lottery and the deer tag can be purchased over the counter. These are 5 day hunts and start Sept. 14th. and end Oct. 13th. $1400.00 per hunter, limited hunts available.